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a letter to my 2020 baby

My sweet little 2020 baby,

You have no idea about the world you were born into… the chaos, the divisiveness, the unrest, the fear, the unprecedented times. But here you are, the calm in the storm.

Pregnancy with you was a bit scary with so many unknowns; we’re in a pandemic, after all. I remember so clearly going to the 20 week ultrasound appointment with your daddy in early March and finding out that you were a healthy, thriving baby BOY! Such a high was so quickly followed by such confusion and uncertainty as the very next week we went into quarantine. It was such an isolating time. Your daddy couldn’t be there for doctor appointments and I worried endlessly that somehow things would go terribly wrong. Thankfully, here you are - still healthy and still thriving.

Although this year has pushed my anxiety (and patience) to the limit, you my sweet baby have been the light we all needed. When I look back on 2020, I’ll always remember it as the year I got to just press pause. A pregnancy of mainly being at home in comfy sweats. A quiet birth in a deserted hospital. Not worrying about a messy house because there would be very few visitors. Ample time for healing and taking it easy. No rushing around, dragging a newborn to meet extended family. It was a period for us to just be together and bond as we brought a new life into our little family. And here you are, fitting in like you’ve been a part of us all along.

This year has had such profound and unforgettable moments, and your arrival was by far the biggest of them all. You have taught me that sleepless nights equal baby snuggles, and baby snuggles can heal even the weariest. You have shown me that laughter is so, so good for the soul, and you provide the best giggles ever. You have reminded me that being a mom is the most important job in the world, and even if things feel like they are crumbling around us, I’ll still have a never-ending sense of purpose. Here you are with your inquisitive, loving, delightful little personality giving me my daily affirmation that 2020 was truly the biggest blessing.

As we say goodbye to your birth year, I pray that we will always look back and feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude for what 2020 has brought us. Because here you are, my perfect pandemic baby.

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